Monday, March 19, 2012

Barry Weiss Car Collection Pictures Storage Wars

Searching for Barry Weiss Car Collection Pictures? The Barry Weiss Car Collection Is truly amazing, Barry is one of those guys you fall in love with instantly. His personality is unique, kind of a ball buster but does it with fun. He definately makes the show what it is, Storage Wars is A&E's top rated show and because of Barry Weiss it looks to be around a long while. Below you can see some of his car collection. A few videos below that will tell you a little about this ex grocery buyer. He really did not want to do this show but the dircetor is a friend of his and pretty much begged him to do it.
The Cowboy Cadillac is famous all over Los Angeles the pride and joy of his collection.

Barry Weiss Mercury Montclair Convertible

The Barry Weiss Chicken Car this one must have a sentimental reason, lol well this is Barry for you. We believe this is a 1940's Ford were unsure though it's seen quite a bit on the show.

A better view of the Cowboy Cadillac all shined up at a show.

This is Barry in action we hope you like it! Barry Weiss Meets Jesus LOL a must see take a few minutes for a good laugh! This is the Barry Weiss Chicken Car!

This is Barry's newest addition a older chevy that has ben totally overhauled.

We hope you like these Barry Weiss car pictures, we will be adding more as we get em!

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  1. One of the funniest guys on TV I Thanks God He's on this show or it would suck.

  2. Any particular reason why these photos are really low-res?

  3. Keep biddin them up Barry make em pay for that crappola!


  5. I agree he does look good in a caddy!

  6. barry looks goot in any thing, cars,clothes, bed

  7. barry needs me w/ him in all things

  8. i love barry, would give anything to be with him
    he is a marvelous man, would be a dream lover